Goudsouk is the Jewel of Europe's Largest Indoor Bazaar

 - Feb 12, 2015
References: lionglie & ilikearchitecture.net
Liong Lie Architects are currently working on Goudsouk, the new building for gold dealers and goldsmiths at the Bazaar in Beverwijk, The Netherlands that is designed in the vain of a goldbar. It may seem like quite a grand building for only a section of the market, but the Bazaar, located 15km north of Amsterdam, is the largest indoor market in Europe.

Goudsouk, located within the Bazaar in the eastern section of the market, has a vibrant, eye-catching gold, geometric exterior representing the bright personality of the market is contrasted with its simplistic all-black interior.

The entrance of Goudsouk appears almost like that of a cave and the lighting inside will shine like a spotlight on dealers' merchandise, amplified more by the reflective black ceilings and floors.