'Can Google Play Beat iTunes' Infographic Compares App Platforms

 - Dec 14, 2012
References: visual.ly
Apple seems to be dominating in many areas including online music, but the ‘Can Google Play Beat iTunes and Amazon?’ infographic shows a different result in a side by side comparison. While iTunes and Amazon dominate approximately 80% of the online music downloading industry, Google Play only takes up a mere 5%, users may be wondering how the search giant compares and whether Google Play can beat iTunes at all.

Ranked in categories such as monthly costs, download limits, file quality, platforms, storage and a few others, the infographic reveals a close tie for all three brands, so it boils down to which platform has more apps and has more artists share on it. Apple users may be shocked to find out that Google Play has the same number of apps as iTunes as of October 2012, if not more by now, and has the same number of downloads too.