$30M For Private Landing

 - Sep 13, 2007
References: news.bbc
Google and the X-Prize Foundation have launched a contest offering $12 million to the first group to perform a series of tasks on a private moon landing. The contest will run until 2012, at which time the winner will receive their prize, and the second-place prize of $5 million will be awarded as well. In order to win, the rovers must travel 500m, take photos and videos of certain objects and areas and collect specific data.

"Google said it would give bonuses of $5m if the rovers complete other objectives such as travelling further on the Moon, taking pictures of Apollo hardware, finding water-ice and surviving the freezing lunar night," the BBC News reported.

"Rovers taking part must be fitted with high-definition video and still cameras." BBC quoted the chairman of X-Prize, "We are confident that teams from around the world will help develop new robotic and virtual presence technology, which will dramatically reduce the cost of space exploration."

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