Go Fish Packaging Enhances the Sale and Consumption of Salmon

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: behance.net
There is an argument in favor of selling cheap processed food at amusement parks that Go Fish packaging effectively drowns. Designers Hans Christen Thisen and Katherine Maree Pace have suggested a way to wrap up fresh seafood and serve it to the public in containers that work well as dishes.

A pie-shaped piece of APET plastic contains two compartments for its healthy and delicious contents, as well as tongs and a clever little sauce dispenser that makes mealtime on the go a great deal less messy. See-through material invites the consumer to look in upon the nutritious edibles inside, revealing a bed of locally grown herbs and a portion of mackerel, tuna or salmon. Go Fish packaging fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and can be mouthwateringly merchandized in refrigerated bars around Farup Sommerland in Denmark.