This Bar Saves Lives' New Gluten-Free Snack Bars are Kid-Friendly

This Bar Saves Lives sets itself apart for more than just making non-GMO, gluten-free snack bars—for every bar that it sells, it donates food to malnourished children. At the Winter Fancy Food Show, This Bar Saves Lives revealed that it would be expanding its cause by launching an all-new line of snack bars for kids.

Naturally, the kid-friendly snack bars come in exciting chocolate chip, strawberry and s'mores flavors with fun names—like Rockin' Straw-Beary and Chocolate Chip "Dino"mite. Each bar boasts just five grans of sugar, 100 calories and recipes that are free from allergens like soy, nuts, dairy and as ever, gluten.

With these snack bars for kids that can easily be tucked into backpacks and school lunchboxes, This Bar Saves Lives will be able to continue to share even more packets of food with children in need.