The Nuclear Glow-in-the-Dark Soap Illuminates Shower Time

 - Apr 29, 2014
References: unitednuclear & theawesomer
Shower time just got a little more exciting with this glow-in-the-dark soap assortment shaped like the elements on the Periodic Table. Now you can take a stab at showering in the dark with this science-themed soap.

If you're looking to memorize the Periodic Table or you just need to get clean, this nuclear glowing soap is perfect for you. The science-inspired design of this soap makes excellent use of the rectangular shape of a soap bar. Each bar is designed to look just like a Periodic element with the full element name, short form and scientific weight printed on the soap's surface. The bars are infused with glowing pigments that light up different colors in the dark. For example, the Uranium bar glows a greenish hue, while the Plutonium soap glows blue.