GLOWFFITI Allows You to Write With Light

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: ineedthat & iNeedThat
Wearing GLOWFFITI™ is a great way to attract attention day or night, especially in a crowded nightclub or bar. Who can resist noticing someone’s wristband, t-shirt, shorts, hat or sandals glowing very brightly? This light-writing fashion statement redefines glow-in-the-dark technology; it charges instantly, glows extremely bright, lasts very long and is completely reusable.

Though the aspect of wearing glowing clothing may seem too much for some, GLOWFFITI™ is entirely customizable, allowing you to control the amount of light you emit.

This summer, GLOWFFITI™ is working on developing jewelry, eyewear and sandals with RFID facebook integration as well as skateboards, suiting every lifestyle perfectly. This gorgeous glowing apparel is sure to make your look stand out among the rest.