Glitch by Tim Defleur Features Intentionally Imperfect 3D Prints

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: follownews & design-milk
Glitch by Tim Defleur explores the beauty in intentional imperfection through 3D-printed porcelain designs. The designs play with shape and form, and appear to change shape based on where the on looker is standing. From one side, the shape appears to be traditional, but from the other end, a balancing act is revealed. The shapes appear to defy gravity through their uneven nature.

True to their name, the designs were created by a glitch. While sketching on a train, Defleur's drawings were shifted from the car's movements. The artist drew further inspiration from ceramics and glass-blowing, where defects and imperfections are expected, and embraced. His 3D-printed porcelain designs are machine-made and play with traditional conventions of shape and form.