Vera Wolferen Constructs Imaginary Worlds Using Cotton and Wood

 - Dec 10, 2015
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Avant-garde artist Vera Van Wolferen's work focuses on bringing the imaginary to life with a series of glass bell installations that showcase tiny fanciful worlds made using simple wood and cotton figurines. The pieces depict surrealist settings and ideas that defy reality in a beautiful dreamlike state.

The art pieces creatively make use of elegant glass bell jars as markers of a new world separate from the one the viewer resides in. Under the glass are a series of familiar objects and constructions slightly inverted. Each installation features cotton wool to mark the clouds with wooden abodes slightly out of the ordinary. For example, one piece features a house upside down falling through the clouds.

The glass perhaps marks a new, whimsical territory that the viewer can see and feel, but is nonetheless separate from their own.