The Gitlost Bot Tweets Developers Curses in Github

 - Oct 9, 2017
References: twitter & thenextweb
Most developers will agree that every moment of satisfaction as a coder is preceded by hours and hours of frustration, and the Gitlost bot, a new Twitter robot built by a Microsoft programmer, is dedicated to documenting that anguish. The sarcastic project has but one simple job: it scours Github (a massive open source software development platform) and tweets any sentence in which a programmer swore in the margins.

There are hundreds of reasons why a programmer might swear while working on a project, from the catharsis of a single harsh expletive to the more pointed criticism of calling out the subpar performance of a coworker. The Gitlost bot doesn't discriminate: any marginal comments with foul language will end up in one of its tweets. That said, the bot doesn't link to the code itself in order to prevent opportunistic developers from using it for publicity.