The "Get Rich Quick" Anti-Smoking Campaign

 - Nov 21, 2008
References: query.nytimes & health.msn
If there's anything people want to hear right now, it's ways to get rich. The "Get Rich Quick" campaign is simple: Dissuade consumers from buying cigarettes by showing them exactly how much money they could save by quitting.

The American Cancer Society recently spent money to put out faux matchboxes. The outside of the pack reads: "Get Rich Quick: details inside." When you open the matchbox, however, the matches are all missing their heads, so they can't be lit.

The American Cancer Society's campaign is right on. MSN reports that people in Delaware, who buy cheaper cigarettes than anyone else, pay about $5.39 per pack they buy, and spend about $1,000 a year to smoke.

But these are just savings on cigarettes. They don't include the myriad of other random costs you would save by putting out those butts. From cough and cold medicines to asthma medicines to treatment for cancer, cigarette smoking can hugely cost you.

Maybe the market's recession will help some people take the necessary steps to nix this fix for good.