George Stratigis Photographs Nastya's Day Off for C-Heads

George Stratigis photographed natural beauty Nastya in his Athens studio for a C-Heads exclusive. The Ukraine-born model sports tousled hair, bedroom eyes and a seductive pout in this intimate editorial styled by Maria Patelis and makeup artist Morfi Meni.

Judging by the soft, afternoon light filtering through the windows, Nastya is taking a "personal" day. While most people would be sweltering in an office cubicle, the pouty blonde has the luxury of lounging around in cut-off denim shorts and a midriff-baring tee. The model looks like she might fall asleep at any given moment, but this only enhances her quiet sex appeal.

Stratigis perfectly captures the understated sensuality that seems to emanate from Nastya's pores in this C-Heads editorial.