The George Harrison Plush is an Embroidered Masterpiece

Sure to enthuse both Beatles fans and craftwork lovers, the George Harrison Plush is a wonderful tribute to the former Beatles band member.

Somewhat of a stuffed animal-like creation, this embroidered piece was created by 'Felt Mistress,' a talented artist with a knack for working with soft fabric. On her blog of the same name, the creator details the process of making the plush doll and the amazing detail that makes up the creation. The depiction of Harrison pays respect to and references his interest and involvement in sitar music, and features him happily playing the instrument. Colorful and cartoonish, the depiction is perhaps not the most realistic, but it is identifiable and spectacularly playful.

A great way to keep the memory of George Harrison alive, this piece is a standout creation made up of an unlikely material.