This Event Will Showcase George Condo Paintings with Classical Art

 - Oct 24, 2016
References: & hypebeast
George Condo paintings stand out due to their rather demented nature, with the human subjects that are contained within them contorted in a way that's wholly unnatural and a little disturbing.

Facial features are displaced and body parts are extended or shortened in an exaggerated manner, giving the pieces a nightmarish effect. For a new exhibition, Museum Berggruen in Berlin, Germany, will juxtapose a selection of George Condo paintings with classical art.

With this, the exhibition will aim to show how the artist's work radicalizes that of the past, with George Condo explaining the endeavor by saying "It's not simply to have a confrontation with other artists, it's about the idea that I make my work in a confrontation with myself and I'm confronting my demons, my depressions, my happiness, my existence."