The Gentlemen's Lunchtime Association Shares Viral Video Game Streams

 - Jan 13, 2016
"Like a book club, but with video games" is the mission statement behind the Gentlemen's Lunchtime Association, an online club that shares viral video game streams with members across the globe. Based in the UK, the gamer community is not only a source for live gaming streams but is also a place that encourages intelligent discussions among video game fans.

Additionally, the Gentlemen's Lunchtime Association also gives members access to weekly podcast recordings and invites website visitors to join in on gaming-related polls. Following in the footsteps of social media influencers, professional gamers are turning an entertaining pastime into a fulfilling career.

While video game streams are not a new concept, platforms like Twitch have elevated them to new heights, with gamer communities like this one following suit.