The Gene Ginno Alducente 'Revolution' Series is Contentious

 - Jun 15, 2012
In most fashion shoots makeup is used to enhance the beauty of model rather than obscure it in a bloody mess, but then again, this Gene Ginno Alducente 'Revolution' series doesn't aim to be conventional.

Gene Ginno Alducente is a Dubai-based makeup artist and fashion stylist who's work can be characterized as highly stylized and thematic. Much of his material is informed by various periods of history and pop cultural tropes. In the Gene Ginno Alducente 'Revolution' series he employs his signature style.

The series follows a beautiful young women as she battles a hulking, robotic, demon-like character throughout the annals of an abandoned and dilapidated building. She leaves the victor, but not without a few scars to show for it.