This 3D-Printed Clothing Item Moves Based on Gaze-Tracking Cameras

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: behnazfarahi & booooooom
Wearable technology can have many functional purposes -- athletic, informative or increasing comfort; however, this gaze-tracking piece artistically shows how fashion can be an interactive experience. This incredible piece of clothing looks like a scarf or post-modern collar. Black and white and made from a 3D-printed artificial fur-like material, the small quills move in tandem when a person's gaze rests upon it.

Hidden beneath the material lies small gaze-tracking cameras. When someone's line of sight has locked with a camera, the surrounding material moves slowly and smoothly like a wave's ripple.

Titled 'Caress of the Gaze,' this piece of artistic wearable technology pushes the boundaries of what clothing can do and creates an interactive experience in fashion for both the wearer and the onlooker.