'Gazeify' Provides Analytics on User Experience

 - May 25, 2018
References: gazeify & producthunt
UX and UI designers can learn a lot from the ways in which users behave on their site, but Gazeify provides mobile app designers with irrefutable data on what aspects of their design are garnering the most attention. The tool offers accurate eye-tracking data, generating heat maps that show which areas of the screen users focus on most as they make their journey through the app.

Eye-tracking analytics are generally accepted as the best way to get an unbiased sense of how users respond to a given UI. However, most companies don't have access to the complex and expensive hardware that has traditionally engendered eye-tracking data. Gazeify is entirely software-based, using the camera on mobile phones to assess eye movement and thus create the heatmaps that designers can use in learning about their app's usage.