Gardening at Night Explores Themes of Family and Nature

 - Nov 14, 2014
References: cigharvey & featureshoot
For 'Gardening at Night,' photographer Cig Harvey dug a little bit deeper and, in the process, got a little bit darker.

The project explores themes of family, nature, time and mortality. Harvey's daughter is often pictured with animals, alive and dead, throughout the series. It is almost slightly alarming to see the small child, brimming with vitality, innocence and youth, seated next to an animal that has expired. The stunning contrast between the two subjects prompts the viewer to ponder their own mortality.

Still, despite its dark subject matter, the series is strangely beautiful. Set against a natural background, Gardening at Night emphasizes the mysterious, unknown realm of the natural world, which will continue long after we're gone.