The 'Garden of Forking Paths' Gives the Opportunity to Slow Down

 - Jun 30, 2013
References: & archilovers
The 'Garden of Forking Paths,' winner of the 2013 Young Architects Program at MOMA, was created by Beals + Lyon Architects, by the team of Alejandro Beals, Loreto Lyon and Claudio Viñuela. The stop-and-think architectural wonder was built in downtown Santiago, Chile, as a temporary park structure.

The maze offers tourists and locals alike the chance to slow down and enjoy the city life. "We create an environment of slowness; a new scale for leisure and the unforeseen in a park that is otherwise insistently being pushed and transformed into a productive and lucrative space," comments the architectural team on Archilovers.

The Garden of Forking Paths features neon beams, a fountain and corn stalks. This creative project utilizes the busyness of the city to offer a stark and fun contrast that will overjoy children and adults alike.