'Garcon Coffee' Give Coffee Ordering Tips for Different European Countries

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: garconcoffee & producthunt
Traveling to foreign countries poses challenges in terms of both language and culture, and 'Garcon Coffee' is a new service that solves one of the most common travel dilemmas: ordering one's coffee. The website and app gives tips on how to order various coffee styles in Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy, four of the most common tourist destination in Europe.

Garcon Coffee is far more than just a specialty language app. Though the service does include sentences for how to order each coffee style as well as audio recordings to ensure correct pronunciation, its most appealing quality is that it includes small tidbits about the cultural mores surrounding each drink. For instance, it notes that ordering a cappuccino in Italy after around 11 AM comes off as odd, since Italians believe that drinking too much milk throughout the day unsettles one's stomach.