The Gamblers Anonymous Brazil 'Robber' Posters are Informative

 - Apr 22, 2012
References: ibelieveinadv &
Gambling is an infectious activity that can easily make or break one's life, and the Gamblers Anonymous Brazil 'Robber' posters embody this.

The tag line presented states, "the more you play, the more you lose." The lines are accompanied by 3D playing card characters. The first poster shows the king and the joker stealing a car, and the second has a crowned figure stealing from a bedroom. The posters show that eventually gambling will deeply penetrate the player's personal life. Gamblers risk losing their intimate belongings if they become addicts. This is an extremely strong way to advertise for Gamblers Anonymous, as it takes the well-known cards often seen in casinos and show what they can really do to someone's financial well-being.