Fusion Wayang Kulit Created a Series of Puppet-Themed Superheroes

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: facebook & board.postjung
Artist Fusion Wayang Kulit created this unique series of Malaysian puppet-mimicking paintings, which represents traditional superheroes. These artworks are a perfect representation of two cultures collaborating to create art.

The Malaysian culture often tells stories through the use of puppets, which are controlled by sticks. On the other hand, Western culture is more accustomed to reading comic books. The hybrid piece of art transforms the heroic comic book characters into sophisticated heroes.

While superheroes are often drawn with rounded styles and and clean lines, these piece of art from Fusion Wayang Kulit slightly alter this approach. The Wayang Kulit shadow puppets come to life in a more harshly themed art form. The hands of each hero are thick, while the faces are thin. In comic books, heroes seem more realistic, whereas this approach shows them as very flat 2D artworks.