The Choco Jungle Fruit Chocolate Bars are Vibrantly Packaged

The conceptual Choco Jungle fruit chocolate bars are designed in a way that merges the rich notion of chocolate with the bright, crisp flavor of fruit. Including such varieties as pomegranate, pineapple and watermelon, the Choco Jungle bars feature punchy typography and a focus on the visual imagery of fruit.

Designed by Spyros Partsinevelos, the Choco Jungle bars are packaged in craft paper packaging that provides a somewhat rustic aesthetic to the overall image of the conceptual brand. This helps to bring the rich flavor of chocolate forward and allow it to be balanced by the vibrant, fresh imagery of the fruit that's infused into the chocolate. With consumer preferences for food products that deviate from the norm on the rise, the Choco Jungle fruit chocolate bars identify a potential opportunity for unexpected flavor combinations.