'Pop Fruit' Makes Frozen Fruit Popsicles from Pineapples and Mangos

 - Apr 6, 2016
References: popfruits.se
There are countless frozen fruit popsicles on the market that come in pineapple and mango flavors, but Pop Fruits takes a more straightforward approach to the concept than most companies currently out there.

Rather than blending exotic fruits into the consistency of a slushy or smoothie with a range of other fruit ingredients, Pop Fruit simply makes 'Fresh Frozen Mango - On a Stick,' as well as 'Fresh Frozen Pineapple - On a Stick.' These one-ingredient products are exactly as they sound, made up of only frozen fruits that have been peeled into ready-to-eat shapes.

Many consumers often avoid fresh fruit as a snack simply because of the peeling and messy juices involved. Just by adding a stick, Pop Fruits has succeeded in creating a product that's more like a desirable and easy-to-eat dessert.