Frozen Flowers by Mo Devlin are Full of Icy Patterns and Colors

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: modevlin.zenfolio &
The photo series titled Frozen Flowers by Mo Devlin, a photographer based in Dallas, Pennsylvania, captures just that, frozen flowers. Although these colorful and romantic plant life are visually stunning as is, they are given a whole new context covered in ice. Captured up close and personal, the images are full of details that add to the experience.

Captured with a macro lens, Frozen Flowers by Mo Devlin hones in on the different patterns, light, texture and details of each subject matter. Yet he makes it unmistakable that they are flowers. Comprised of over 400 photos, the series shows how endless the possibilities can be. There are, after all, approximately 352,000 flowering plants in the world.