Fred & Farid Shanghai Made People Believe the Qilin Was Real

Qeelin is an up-and-coming high-end luxury brand that consulted the Fred & Farid Shanghai ad agency to help get its name into the market. The name of the jewelry brand, Qeelin, takes inspiration from the Qilin, a Chinese mythological creature that’s like a cross between a unicorn and a dragon that’s said to be an omen of prosperity. Qeelin wanted to capitalize on this creature, but the problem was that it doesn’t really exist — so this is where Fred & Farid Shanghai came in to craft an elaborate hoax to bring the Qilin to life.

Quite simply, a baby Qilin was Photoshopped into old photos and added to a vintage film to make it seem like the creature had a place in history. Qeelin commissioned bloggers to spread the new evidence of the Qilins across social media. From there, the "babyqilin" hashtag took off and caused people to question if the creatures were really real. After four days, Qeelin revealed in a blog post that it was all a hoax and 2.1 million people read about it.