"Freakebana" Flower Arrangements Make Strange Structures

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: thecut
There is a new movement in designing flower arrangements and it has florists giving the classic Japanese method Ikebana a not-so-pretty makeover and it's called "Freakebana." Much like the traditions of Ikebana, Freakebana focuses similarly on the lines, shapes and colors of the elements used in the arrangement, but there's a twist: incorporated amongst the flowers are an array of eccentric add-ins, including everything from banana peels and cans of SPAM to plastic forks and crumpled water bottles. Florists use these everyday objects like they would any other media and create dramatic structures that command viewers to recognize the beauty in their strangeness. Combining a found-material aesthetic with traditional design methods, this style elevates things often overlooked, emphasizing their potential to become, or contribute to, works of art.

Most recently, the fashion industry has taken an interest in these "ugly-cool" floral arrangements, with brands like Glossier installing Freakebana designs in their stores.