Fondation Louis Vuitton by Frank Gehry Takes Historic Inspiration

Frank Gehry is almost complete the building 'Fondation Louis Vuitton,' a cultural center that will house artwork, conferences and other educational meetings for visitors and people in the area.

The building is made from a glazed material that is extremely malleable due to new technology used. Gehry turned to the 19th century for inspiration, thinking about fluidity and lightness that was often used in gardens of this time period. The result is an extremely curved structure that looks very futuristic. It's interesting that Frank Gehry went back in time for ideas, but ended up making a cultural center that resembles a futuristic, pod-like design.

The design also resembles a ship from certain angles, with each curved section inspired by a sail. Of course, this is all up to interpretation from visitors. Photo Credits: designboom,