These Founding Fathers Cartoons are Done Pin-Up Style

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: buzzfeed & thecuriousbrain
Proud Americans everywhere will get a laugh out of these humorous pin up-style founding fathers cartoons. These awesome neutral-toned cartoon creations depict the founding fathers in seductive pin up model poses. Politics have never looked better.

These hysterical political pin-up cartoons feature all the big names, from Ben Franklin to George Washington. Some of these funny depictions are rather sassy. In George Washington's picture, he has his hands on his hips, and his backside is facing the viewer. In Alexander Hamilton's cartoon capture, his legs are pointed straight up into the air. The best of these hilarious political pin ups is Ben Franklin. He's depicted on the ground, head tossed back and toes delicately pointed.

These fantastic founding fathers pin ups are guaranteed to make patriotic Americans with a decent sense of humor giggle.