WOHA & Antonio Maciá Mateu is Green, Welcoming and Balanced

 - Apr 13, 2018
References: antoniomacia & archdaily
WOHA Arquitectura and Antonio Maciá Mateu take command of the development of a beautiful and immersive forest-like home residency in Spain. Titled 'Cabin in the Woods,' the brief contained concrete specifications for the design to strongly reference nature. In the interest of meeting this standard, WOHA Arquitectura and Antonio Maciá Mateu pretty much build an architectural structure around a garden plot. Incorporating trees stumps into the living room and other spaces of the house, the creatives' forest-like home falls into a definite trend in the architecture industry, where clients are set upon extending themselves into nature as much as possible.

The forest-like house design is separated into three connected levels, with some rooms taking specific cues from nature cabins. In certain areas, the high-ceiling allows luminant light to seep into the living quarters via the glazed skylight.

Photo Credits: David Frutos