The Ford Traffic Jam Assist Makes Congestion Easier to Deal With

 - Jun 28, 2012
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A number of automakers are turning to driverless technology, such as parking assistance and lane control, to maximize the driving experience, and now Ford is working on a new device, called the Ford Traffic Jam Assist, that will automate driving during congested periods.

Such a system may not seem necessary right off the bat, but according to Ford, on average, drivers spend 30 percent of their time in congestion and traffic. That's a lot of time. But with the Ford Traffic Jam Assist, the usually annoying experience will be made more enjoyable, as your car will automatically keep up with traffic during a gridlock situation while your hands are freed up to do other things.

The Ford Traffic Jam Assist was created by applying current technologies from park assist, cruise control and lane-keeping, as well as Ford's PowerShift transmission, says Car Advice. A camera with a radar system is attached to the front of the vehicle to steer the vehicle and ensure it moves with the traffic. Watch the video here to learn more about the innovative driving system.