The HEMA Hot Dog Food Kit Focuses on Freshness and Quality

The HEMA Hot Dog Food Kit is focused on conveying to consumers that the food within is fresh, high-quality and ready for enjoyment.

Designed by the SOGOOD creative agency in the Netherlands, the HEMA hot dog packaging features an anthropomorphized dog that features a bun and a wiener for a body. The excited dog is eagerly awaiting a dollop of mustard, and helps to enhance the humorous approach that the brand has taken to make a traditional food product more fun.

The HEMA Hot Dog Food Kit consists of buns and dogs to ensure that consumers who pick up the pack in the brand's stores will be able to make them immediately rather than buying separate product packages.

The packaging features a hand-drawn aesthetic that focuses on the HEMA brand's key values including natural, honest, fresh, quality, integrity and delicious.