Fly Paintings by John Knuth is At Once Beautiful and Disgusting

 - Jul 16, 2013
References: johnknuth & psfk
At first there might not appear to be anything particularly impressive about the Fly Paintings by John Knuth, an artist born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and based in Los Angeles, California. The use of dark colors and abstract imagery seems very familiar. Yet it is the assumption that they were created using standard paints that lead to this misinterpretation.

In reality, the Fly Paintings by John Knuth were created with the help of over 250,000 common house flies, hence its name. The American artist fed the flies a combination of sugar, water and colored pigments that they proceeded to regurgitate all over the canvases they were placed on. The results are pixelated images that are at once beautiful and disgusting. The process is especially disgusting at the accompanying video shows, but even then there is beauty.