The Flux Cocoon by Allegory is Inspired by the Hub of Lausanne City

 - Nov 28, 2012
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The Flux Cocoon may be an art installation, but it looks like it is a direct result of some kind of alien invasion. The webbed surface encases a portion of the Flon bridge in the heart of Lausanne, Switzerland, like a pulsating extraterrestrial material. In reality, the Flux Cocoon is made out of thin lights, which is appropriate considering that it was created for the 2012 Lights Festival Lausanne.

Designed by Allegory, a studio based in Geneva and founded by Leonardo de Rham and Albert Schrur, the Flux Cocoon installation was inspired by the area it was erected in, which happens to be the main hub of the city. The mess of horizontal and vertical lines represents the flow of urban traffic while the node-like shape symbolizes the centralized area its in.