Breakfast's Flip-Disk Display System is a Modern Office Decor Option

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: breakfastny & techcrunch
Like the old stock-ticker boards, airport signs, or train station kiosks that would scroll information through the use of flipping tiles, Breakfast's 'Flip-Disk Display System' uses a mechanical concept to visualize images. However, the new Flip-Disk Display System uses advanced processing technology to make it more responsive and adaptable than the flip boards of earlier days.

To be sure, the basic concept is the same. The Flip-Disk Display System is composed of several modular base tiles, which themselves contain small disks that have one black side and one white or colored side. These disks can flip in conjunction with one another at speeds approaching 30 frames per second. As such, the board can display complex images that get programmed into it through a user friendly app.