This Chart Details the Many Flavors of Whiskey

 - Feb 27, 2013
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This infographic provides spirit connoisseurs with the direction they need to find the flavors of whiskey that best suit their taste preferences.

Whiskey is a classic winter drink known to warm your insides and protect against colds. It’s often consumed straight, on the rocks or in some cases with mixes like ginger ale. However, to truly capture and enjoy the taste of these flavors of whiskey, it would be advisable to keep it simple and drink it straight. That doesn’t mean gulping it though; especially if you’re trying to identify small taste variances, sipping whiskey is the best practice.

This infographic on the flavors of whiskey details the different categories as well as choices within each category. For instance, within the Irish whiskey family there is single malt, blended and pure pot still.