Petits Grecs' Flavored Biscuits Put a Twist on a Classic Delicacy

Petits Grecs' coffee-flavored biscuits introduce a twist to a classic Mediterranean treat.

Kourabies are traditional Greek biscuits that are light, airy and comparable to shortbread. Almonds are one of the most important ingredients in these biscuits, along with a generous amount of butter, flour sugar and salt. Petits Grecs' Kourabies with Greek Coffee are said to have a "particular aroma and slightly acidic taste" that puts a refreshingly modern spin on an age-old recipe. The coffee-flavored biscuits are said to be the perfect accompaniment to a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea or even an alcoholic drink of one's choosing.

As well as making modern kourabies with almonds as a main ingredient, Petits Grecs also makes cinnamon-flavored Greek shortbread walnut cookies and a pistachio variety spiced with sweet and aromatic anise.