Atlanta's {three} sheets Offer Flavor Tripping Taste Experiences

 - Nov 20, 2018
References: threesheetsatlanta
{three} sheets is located in Atlanta's CityWalk shopping center and it offers an immersive 'Flavor Tripping' experience with the food selection. It is a place that blends entertainment with dining from a luxurious perspective with a diverse menu as well. It features upscale private party rooms, lounges, and patios complete in premium decor.

Flavor Tripping is an interactive food experience where visitors are able to taste what is called the 'Miracle Fruit.' The fruit is a small berry that alters one's taste buds for up to an hour, making everything taste sweet -- lemons will taste like sweet lemonade and goat cheese will taste like smooth cheesecake. The Flavor Tripping experience at {three} sheets can be arranged with prepaid reservations.