The 'CONNEX-cable' is a Flat Cable Designed for Charging and Syncing

When in use, the 'CONNEX-cable' looks like a rather jagged accessory, but upon unplugging the flat cable design is revealed. Designed to put to end the occurrence of a tangled or frayed cable, the 'CONNEX-cable' comes in several color options and highlights a flatpack design.

When not in use, the 'CONNEX-cable' is about the size of a credit card and offers a slim design to boot. When used, it expands to a whopping 18-inches in size despite the rather slim aesthetic of the design.

The 'CONNEX-cable' flat cable comes in either microUSB or Lightning connector styles and offers the ability to transfer power and/or data at a fast rate. Best of all, the tough, rubberized aesthetic of the cable prevents damage and fraying.