The Firefly Solar Lamp Table Saves on Energy, Not Passion

 - Mar 16, 2010
References: yankodesign
My absolute favorite thing about summer is a wide open patio--nothing beats it. But even better is taking a date out for a candlelit meal on a warm July night. The only problem with this is the candle. If it's a little breezy, the candle is constantly blowing out and spreading wax everywhere, or is a fire hazard if someone knocks a menu on it and it suddenly ignites. Well, my friends, let me introduce you to the Firefly Solar Lamp Table. It keeps the danger out and the romance in.

Nothing too complicated here, just a solar light fixture built into the middle of the table to produce a soft gentle glow while you're enjoying a bottle of red. The Firefly Solar Lamp Table also projects an image, of the owner's choice, on to the ground below. How swanky.