From Puzzling Mug Rugs to Digital Drinking Icons

 - May 29, 2012
If your gamer marathon could use some theme-appropriate tableware, check out these amusing geeky coasters. Even if your parties aren't boozy and messy, don't let an ice cold drink ruin a perfectly good coffee table.

Whether you are one with Luke or gushing over nostalgic retro technology, there is a mug rug suited to your geeky inhibition. The 8-bit gaming icons are making a come back as Space Invaders and Zelda are brought back to life with these party must-haves. You can also get clever and recycle some forgotten gadgets of the past. Remember those old floppy disks? They provide the ideal shape and surface for placing beverages onto -- not to mention they are dirt cheap these days.

Re-live your inner dork with these cute and fun geeky coasters -- who says nerds don't party?