Magisso In-Sink Kitchen Cloth Holder Keeps Counters Dry

 - Feb 8, 2009
References: magisso & mocoloco
The ‘Magisso’ kitchen cloth holder is an ultra-sleek innovative solution to the dripping dishwashing cloth dilemma. The unit is outfitted with magnets to attach it to the inside of the sink and the bar is positioned so the wet cloth is far enough from the basin’s wall to allow for quick drying.

Designed in Finland, the Magisso cloth holder is made of stainless steel with a magnet at the base. A second strong magnet is permanently fixed to the backside of the sink permitting an easy removal for cleaning.

The sink is not scratched, the counter is dry and there is no yucky rag hanging over the faucet. Of course, a chic washcloth like those in the photos is required to complete the look.

The product is now finally available in North America. Visit to see a list of retailers