Harrod's 'Fine Jewelry Room' Contains Screened Areas

 - Nov 15, 2016
References: davidcollins & luxurydaily
Harrods, the famed British department store, has recently redesigned its 'Fine Jewelry Room' to take consumers back to the store's past. Designed by London-based David Collins Studio, the new Fine Jewelry Room features private, screened sections to highlight each of the jewelry brands on display, creating a lavish shopping experience.

The decision to create private jewelry displays comes from Harrods' history. In designing the new Fine Jewelry Room, David Collins Studio looked to archival images of the department store's Fine Jewelry rooms from years past. Particularly, the studio found inspiration in the original jewelry department at Harrods, which was called the 'Gem Room.' Images of the Gem Room elucidated that such private, screened-in rooms added to the luxurious appeal of displays in the historic Harrods design.