Feral Beer Packaging is Rough and Ready and Pounces from the Shop Shelf

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: blockbranding & packagingoftheworld
To get noticed in the current beer market, your brand identity has got to have an edge. Feral Beer packaging undoubtedly presents this image, and it works delectably well with the fierce name of the make.

The Feral Brewing Company has a successful 11-year history of of producing award-winning Australian beverages, yet it worked to reestablish its look with a rawness that's much fresher than you'll see in competing products. The "balsy" do it yourself approach involved the integration of sketchy hand-drawn illustrations of the wild animals on the labels, plus the use of an old photocopier as part of the graphic design and production process. Doodles, smudges and messy text help to define Feral Beer packaging as the vessel for the Everyman's booze with a taste that's untamable.