Anita Kunz Depicts Brutal Paintings of Inter-Gender Disputes

 - May 2, 2013
References: anitakunz & artnau
Anita Kunz’s female depictions are crudely ruthless in their inharmonious stances with nature. Some of her illustrations are of women who are almost being attacked by a pack of bees, women whose faces are literally upside down as well as a series of nude women who are being violently attacked by what seem like male animals.

The drawings are intruiging because they depict women who are phenomenally strong and unfazed by most of this. The women she depicts to be fighting men are putting up a considerable fight.

The fighting scenes have a somewhat sexual side to them as well. Although there is blood present, the viewer is unable to to see any wounds, which makes me think that it has been placed in the frame as a mere symbol of hurt.