Fei Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter prides itself on its innovative work culture, fueled by organized gamification, a characteristic that enables the team to constantly outsmart, out-innovate and out-adapt its competitors. FEI -- Front End of Innovation Blog -- recently featured a piece on the secrets behind the company's rockstar environment.

CEO Jeremy Gutsche foresaw the potential of gamification long before it became mainstream in office culture. Motivating its team of writers with a projected dashboard that tracks their progress, as well as weekly Friday lunches and office fun days that have included karaoke, camping trips and scavenger hunts across the city, Trend Hunter knows how to keeps it team both happy and inspired.

Gamification of Trendhunting: Scoring an Amazing Innovative Culture:

At Trendhunter, the employees play as hard as they work as a team, partaking in weekly Friday lunches to discuss how the week went as well as monthly fun days, participating in activities such as citywide scavenger hunts, Sushi making classes, jetboating and brewery tours.

It is amazingly refreshing to see a company that keeps true to its mission of empowering their community, crowdsourcing ideas and harnessing trends, fueling their employee culture and kickstarting careers in such a fun way.

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