Faustine Steinmetz's Autumn/winter 2014 Line Alters its Material

 - Jun 9, 2014
References: oystermag & oystermag
Fustine Steinmetz' Autumn/Winter 2014 collection innovates an age-old material with bendable denim pieces that include nostalgic pant and jean jacket looks.

The London-based designer is all about living an innovative life and has creates a "textile that's woven with copper so it can be bent, molded and pleated any way the wearer chooses" for her latest line of womenswear.

In addition to her bendable denim pant and jacket pieces, Fustine Steinmetz also creates bendable backpack accessories that are versatile and practical for on-the-go users. While her pieces seem minimalist at first glance, they are constructed using complex hand-spun, shredded and embroidered techniques.

The designer describes the concept behind her work with the following: "I've always loved working with my hands. My vision of luxury is somebody spending time making something special just for me."