The Fashionbook #2 Geiko Editorial Reproduces Asian Beauty Looks

The The Claw Fashionbook #2 Geiko editorial has been produced with the help and insight of photographer Nicolas Geurin. Models Anne Lise Maulin and Maya Naylor were made to look much like geisha's in the production that is currently being featured by way of the high end publication.

Stylist Sonia Logerot pieced together these looks for the Geiko set. Structured coats, off-the-shoulder dresses and tie-up bandeau pieces were all deemed appropriate for both Maulin and Naylor.

One of the most memorable aspects of this photoshoot was the bold application of cosmetics. Make up artist Stephanie Jacquet incorporated thick swaths of face paint and thick eyebrows that made the series all the more striking and offbeat.