This Family Home Photo Seres is Both Endearing and Shocking

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: prixpictet & featureshoot
We all have eccentric and quirky family secrets in our families that the outside world does not know about but photographer Motoyuki Daifu decided to let the cat out of the bag and share it with his audience in this family home photo series.

Using no filter of any kind -- like most of us do when we edit our lives and our homes for posts on Facebook and Instagram -- the Yokohama-based photographer's family home photo series is candidly honest to the point of it being comical. The images show a messy and crowded home to show the audience what most people try to hide. The 'Project Family' shows us a home that is both mortifying and endearing.

"My mother sleeps every day. My dad does chores. My brothers fight. There are trash bags all over the place. Half-eaten dinners, cat poop, mountains of clothes: this is my lovable daily life, and a lovable Japan," says Daifu.